Every Thing is Quiet and Still Yet Along Our Lines (September 25, 1861)

allcot_w_watch 2

On February 7th, 1862, this watch was presented to Allcot by Company ‘D’ Sergeant John T.Cumming, Anderson Zouaves, 62d NYSV.

Every Thing is Quiet and Still Yet Along Our Lines

Camp Lincoln Washington D. C Sept. 25th 1861

Dear Parrance

I now take my pen in hand to inform you that I am well and hope these few lines will find you enjoying the same one of God’s blessings. I have wrote to Edmund and answer to his kind letter but wether he reseaved it or knot I am unable to say as up to this date I have had no answer. When you have time I hope that some of you will write to me and let me know how you all are. Ma thear is hardley a moment passes but what I am thinking of home and what kind parance I have got if I ever return from this worse than wicked war I hope that it will be to bless you and repay you fore the maney kindnesses that you have shone me. I have very little News to tell you only that I am well and contented with my lot. I have heard of the Surrender of Colonal Mulligan at Lesitan as the news has just came in to my camp but that is nothing to fetch our deludid brothers back to thear roility we must expect to be departed sometimes but we will undervedly  _ _ear in the End. every thing is quiet and still yet along our lines in Washington but I think we will have a battle before a great wile as the Troops keeps passing in to Washington all the time. The Drum is tats which wornes me that I must prepare to go to bed. I suppose you would like to know what my bed consised of well I will tell you my tent is about 6 x 6 square with a hard board floor which I have made my self to lay on and a napsack fore a pillow it came quite asgig at first but I have got youst to it. I must say that I never felt better in my life than I do now. I wade my self today and I find that I way 154 lbs just to ponds more than I did when I left New York. The regiment has just been paid of and gess what my wages came to $34.86 cts I must now close by sending love to you Edmond Thomas Anne Henry Clarrce and little Johny hoping that you will excuse this short note I must now close

Your Sun

W. Allcot

P.S. Direct as before to me in care of Capt D. J. Nevin Co D. Anderson Zouaves


D. C

The next time I write I will send you a longer letter


Source: William P. Allcot Papers, 1861-1864. Earl Gregg Swem Library, College of William and Mary


See also W. Allcot’s biographical information at:




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