Washington’s Birthday (March 9, 1862)


Sgt. Robert F. Beasley

[Special Correspondence of the Sunday Mercury.]


CAMP TENNALLY, D. C., Feb. 25.

How the Anderson Zouaves Celebrated the Twenty-second – A Big Blow – Taking the Tents Down – More Firemen Volunteers. 

I take this opportunity of letting you know how we kept Washington’s birthday in our camp. The day being, at two o’clock the regiment was called together, and the Rev. Mr Harvey made a short prayer, and then read Washington’s “Farewell Address,” to which the men listenned very attentively. Col. Riker then made a speech on the present war, which was very much liked by the men. After the speech was finished, the regiment was dismissed, and the boys g(a)ve three cheers for the colonel and major, and went to their quarters.

Yesterday–the 24th–the wind began to blow, and it blowed so hard, that we had to take down all of our tents to keep them from blowing away. It was … fun to see the men running in all directions to get out of the wind. But to-day it is very fine.

R.F. B., Co. A.

P.S. – I saw in your last week’s paper that you would like to know the members of hose Co. No. 43 that have enlisted for the war. I will let you know who they are: Charles W. Sheffield and George W. Falkner, Anderson Zouaves ; and William Thompson and John Thomson, Baker’s California Regiment. I don’t know of any more.

Letter to the Sunday Mercury, March 9, 1862 

(Note: The letter is signed “R. F. B., Co. A.” which, assuming that the roster of the Anderson Zouaves is complete and correct, could only be the initials of Sergeant Robert F. Beasley of Co. A. – John Tierney).


For biographical information on Sgt. R.F. Beasley see:



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