Private Charles W. Sturges, Co. A.

Charles Sturges

sturges excerpt from 62 roster

Excerpt from official Roster of the 62d NY Infantry

Our US researcher, Charles Luttmann writes;


“This photo came to me just recently from a descendant of Charles Sturges. He is the one seated on right. The identification of the others is unknown at this time. I made an inquiry to this person probably 4 years ago or so and out of the blue came the photo last week. She asks if anyone can help ID the others as it is assumed they are from the same regiment.”

Not only is this exciting from the point of view of another photograph of a 62d NY veteran but it clearly shows (at least in Charles’ case) the uniform of the Anderson Zouaves, in this case the fatigue uniform, the NY State jacket. Further, we may also be seeing two other (as yet unidentified) Anderson Zouaves. More investigation, hopefully, will lead to the identification of the other two soldiers.