Anna Crump (Riker) & Alan G. Darling Jnr. (1917)


“This photo is of Anna holding my father, Alan G. Darling Jr. He was born Sept 1, 1916, and looks to be about a year old, so this may have been taken in 1917, about the same time as the other photo (see post “Anna Crump Riker and Sam Crump Jnr” – Ed.). I’ve never been able to find out where the picture of her with Sam was taken, though I’ve asked people at various historical societies in New York and New Jersey. One of those questions I don’t have an answer to yet! My father was born in Duluth, Minnesota, so I guess it’s possible that Sam (Sam Crump Snr. – Ed.) and Anna went to visit their daughter Julia, Dad’s mother, in Minnesota and these pictures were taken during that trip. Just a wild guess, but there may be some foundation to it.”

Submitted by Patty Hoenigman (Great-great granddaughter of John L. Riker)


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