Anna Crump (Riker) & Her Children c. 1891

crump family 1892 helen far left elizabeth far right

“This photograph is one of my favorites, showing Col. Riker’s daughter, Anna Crump (Riker) with her children. These just happen to be all the children who would wind up growing up to be adults. She had a total of 15 children, but the others all died as children of such dread diseases as diphtheria and scarlet fever. My grandmother is sitting on Anna’s lap, she is the baby in the photo. She was Julia Elder Crump (Darling) who was born in 1890. The oldest son is standing. He’s George Riker Crump, born in 1870. Standing next to him is Adah. Anna’s husband, Sam Crump, was in Japan when this photo was taken, about 1891. There is a photo of him sitting on the table next to where Elizabeth is sitting. On the far left standing next to mother is Helen. Sam Jr. is in the middle, wearing a dress which was typical of the times for children that age; he’s holding Elizabeth’s hand. Sam wound up going to France to serve in the Army in WWI; he was killed defending the Hindenberg line. This photograph was undoubtedly taken in a setting at a photographer’s studio, which was done during Victorian times.”

Submitted by Patty Hoenigman (Great-great granddaughter of John L. Riker)





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