Drawing of James Riker Jr. (1822-1889)

jamesr_1This photo is a drawing of James Riker Jr. (1822-1889), the older brother of John Lafayette Riker (1825-1862).  I wish I could recall exactly where I got it; possibly the New York Historical Society. As I recall, they told me it had been drawn posthumously.

James Riker is well known as the author of several genealogy books including The Annals of Newtown, a book about the earliest families of New York. He dedicated The Annals of Newtown to his brother. It reads:

To John L. Riker, Esq., Counsellor at Law, esteemed by his fellow-citizens for professional and private worth, exhibited through many years of an unblemished life;     This Volume is, with the author’s compliments, respectfully inscribed.

The Annals of Newtown was published in 1852 when James was just 30 years old. It is accepted as an authoritative source of genealogy information by the Daughters of the American Revolution.”

Submitted by Patty Hoenigman (Great-great granddaughter of John L. Riker)



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