Sidney and I Attended the Theater (December 2 – 4, 1861)


Image Credit: The Historical Society of Washington D.C. 

Monday 2nd

The captain was kind enough to give us a pass for Washington today. We walked to the city. Sidney and I attended the theatre at night and were arrested by the patrol and finally lodged in guardhouse.

Tuesday 3rd

Well here we are confined with about one hundred and fifty prisoners. I think we shall be released though this morning. I guess when they catch me again they will know it.

Wednesday 4th

Received a pass from the Provost Marshall today at two o’clock and returned home glad to escape from the loathsome station house.

Reference: Tierney, J. (2007). 1861 Civil War Diary of Private Alfred Covell Woods.

I Hope This Will Meet You in Good Health (December 2, 1861)

tflynn1Camp Tenley

Tenleytown, D.C.

Dec. 2nd 1861

My Dr. Wife & Children

I hope this will meet you in good health as I am at Present Thank God I hope that you will excuse me for not writing more Constant But believe me if you were to know the duties imposed on a Soldier in War times you would not have blamed me Let one know next letter how you and the children is getting along As it is impossible for me to get a Furlough during the forth coming Holidays Let me know the Coal, Wood, and Provsions in New York and also how the neighbors is getting along May God Bless you and my children Until I see you again no more as I am going on duty But write soon and give my love to the children and My Dr wife you accept the same and I remain with Gratitude and Respect your Aff’t husband

Thomas Flynn

62nd Reg’t Anderson’s Zouaves N.Y.S.V.

Camp Tenley, Washington, D. C., or Elsewhere

Write often, as you know I cannot write when I please Direct to Camp Tenley, Tenleytown,

Washington, D. C. to the above address


For biographical information on Thomas Flynn, please see:

Corporal Thomas Carberry. Co. F & Co. G.

unioneagleThomas CARBERRY enlisted as a Corporal on 4th May 1861 at the age of 23. He enlisted in Company F on 3rd July 1861 and seemingly transferred the same day from Company F to Company G! Thomas was demoted the next day to Private. He was wounded on 5th May 1864 at The Wilderness, VA. He was mustered out of Company F on 19th June 1864 at Petersburg, VA.

Note: Thomas CARBERRY seems to have been transferred back to Company F sometime between 4 July 1861 and 19 June 1864.

Uniform and Arms of the Anderson’s Zouaves, N.Y.S.V. (August 22, 1861)


Pvt. William H. Caldwell, Co. H., 62d NYSV

The Anderson’s Zouaves, N.Y.S.V., under the command of Colonel John Lafayette Riker, left camp Astor, Riker’s Island, for Washington. The uniform of the Zouaves is dark blue loose jackets, and light blue baggy trowsers. For head covering, a part of the men have the red fez, with blue tassle, and the other dark blue caps. Their arms are the old, smooth-bore muskets, with shank bayonets, and percussion locks altered from flint locks – N.Y. Tribune, 22 August 1861

Moore, F. (1862). The Rebellion Record

Source: Google Books

A Rebel Spie Was Taken (October 21, 1861)

acwoodscoe(From the Diary of A.C. Woods – Ed.)

Monday 21st 

Our company were on guard duty today. A rebel spie was taken today and put under arrest and taken to Washington by two of our boys. It is pretty cold and it is going to rain tonight. There is a big fight going on across the river we have had marching orders.

Tierney, J. (2007). 1861 Civil War Diary of Private Alfred Covell Woods.